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As the world changes, so does the kind of FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS people will give on Valentine’s Day. Stemza Faux Floral Couture would like to suggest a stylish, effective and eco-friendly twist: Real touch faux flowers. Not the cheap ones that look like tacky plastic or crinkled paper cut-outs. Go high and classy with OPULENT ~ LUXURIOUS ~ ELEGANT faux floral arrangements and turn this Valentine’s Day into an exquisite moment in time that will last forever.

There is nothing quite like receiving a Valentine's Day flower arrangement from your significant other. Just imagine receiving a quality Faux Floral Valentine's Day arrangement that looks, feels and even smells real that will become a gorgeous accent in your home for years to come. Your not likely to forget about the thoughtful recipient in the near future!!

Real touch Ranunculus Roses

Real touch red Roses landscaped with real touch foliage, Peonies, Ivy and Ranunculus Roes

Valentine ~ Real touch red roses with real touch white Lilies, Bamboo, berries and foliage

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