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Quintessential Luxury Style

faux floral centerpiece ~ Wedding

Timeless Beauty that Simply is Stunning

Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a classic. With its seriously gorgeous mix of lavender and violet blossoms, this vintage study might be one of the most extraordinary luxury floral arrangements in our entire collection.  Every detail here is carefully considered, and the balanced yet flowing shape indeed is exceptional.

A Slightly Formal and Seriously Luxurious Look


Collection #801

Rental $150.00



Wedding centerpiece Hydrangea curly Willow_InPixio_InPixio.jpg


Curly Willow Collection

faux floral wedding Centerpiece


 Tall cylinder vase featuring tall curly willow branches,  real touch Hydrangeas and Phalaenopsis Orchids.

Collection #802

Rental $180.00 (set of two)


Gorgeous wedding guest signing table florals

Vanda Orchid Collection 

faux floral guest signing table

 Elegance and Class.  Vanda Orchids with roses and Manzania Branches.  Candles included

Collection #803

Rental $180.00 


Vanda Orchid wedding faux floral

Snap Dragon Collection 

faux floral side arrangements

 Wonderful mixture of real touch Snap Dragons, orchids, roses, lilies, tulips and foliage. 

Collection #804

Rental $210.00 (set of two)

Pillars included



Easel Collection 

faux floral Easel

 Easel with bible or add an engagement photo of the Bride and Groom

Collection #805

Rental $140.00 



Flowered easel
Set of large Whimsical floral arrangements

Whimsical Collection 

faux floral side arrangements

 Hydrangeas and Cymbidium Orchids

Collection #806

Rental $180.00 (set of two)

Pillars included



Sunburst Collection

Star Burst Collection

faux floral centerpieces

 With a total height of 4', these are blooms for people who are show-stoppers themselves and also have a large enough spot to place them. Not for the faint of heart, they are sensational blossoms with a remarkably intricate and unique petal structure. The richly textured Orchids have a laciness nearly the quality of confetti, and this intricacy makes them unlike any other. These centerpieces are luxurious, elegant and attention-grabbing in the most refined way imaginable. Thanks to its size, it has a certain over-the-top quality.  The style involves more stems than usual and is an easy way to add a striking visual element to any space.

Dendrobium and Vanda Orchids with large Calla Lilies

4' high by 6' wide

includes candles and show case

Collection #1004

Rental $450.00



Pastel Paradise 

faux floral centerpiece

Bring the beauty, splendor and romantic softness of a delicately balanced perfect centerpiece to your bridal table.  Lifelike freshly cut flowers of Ranunculus Roses and buds with added Orchids and Lilies give this faux floral design a lot of glam!  Situated in a gold destressed vase.

Collection #807

Rental $75.00


Stunning woodsy centerpiece

Willow Opulence

Faux floral centerpiece

Simply elegant.  Tall willow branches with beaded hanging tea lights.  Situated in a mosaic glass vase with floral spray surrounding bottom of vase.

Collection #808

Rental $160.00 set of two


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