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Image the ambience created by an opulent, award winning Faux Floral arrangement in your home and or office!  Our high end premium stems will be a design feature for years to come. and continuely be the Wow factor.

At Stemza we bring the beauty that lasts.


Real touch red roses #1050

Why not give her the beauty that lasts?? Absolutely stunning centerpiece! An ideal mix of color, texture and form that creates a contemporary, modern, visual display commanding attention. The snow covered light pink peony sets the stage for the landscape of frosted ranunculus roses, winter berries, real touch lace and cedar foliage with Ivy, Lotus Pods, dainty Cosmos flowers and trailing red amaranthus. Celebrate your Christmas table, fireplace mantel, side table or wherever you choose... as this arrangement is a show stopper!! It even smells like Christmas!! Designed by award winning master designer from Calgary, Alberta.

Measures 28" x 13"

Reduced from $265.00 to $175.00 for a limited time.

real touch gardenia bouquet


This opulent faux floral centerpiece is a full bouquet of real touch Gardenia stems, presenting a stunning visual effect.  Spraying out in full bloom with tiny natural buds varied in the mix of deep green foliage, this centerpiece is sure to impress the most discriminating viewer.   Created for fine entry way tables, a formal dinning room table or situated on a large living room coffee table as the design impacts all directions of a room.   A firm favorite for interior desginers.  Slight variances may occur as each

Gardenia 2.jpg

gorgeous front facing protea #1053

Gorgeous front facing Protea arrangement that will bring life to any room.  It's dark pink colors "pop" against the real touch foliage.  The flowing movement is so simple, but oh, so elegant.  Situated in our glass decanter vase with white rocks soaking in illusive water to give it that so real look!!  Slight variances may occur as each arrangement is handmade.

cascading real touch orchid #1054

Cascading Real Touch Orchid spray.  This multi textured pink toned Phalaenopsis Orchid spray, cascades over a beautiful glass decanter vase situated in Illusive water to keep their fresh look!  Elegance and sophistication is represented in each detailed, delicate stem.  Notice the detailed viens in the open blooms and the natural realistic beginning of the new blossoms, making this such an eye-cathing piece.  Slight variances may occur as each arrangment is handmade.    

​Measures 38" x 10"


Cascading Orchid front.jpg
Whimsical 2.jpg

full of texture and soft pink #1055

Full of texture and soft pink tones, the peony stems sit amongst the real touch Casa Blanc Lily and Tulips.  The real touch Sword Fern and Heather bush add the perfect touch.  This three-sided arramgement will brighten up any counter or table.  Arranged in a moss coated clear re-cycled glass vase.  Low maintenance and in bloom all year, this beauty will not disappoint.  Slight variances may ocurr as this arrangement is handmade.  


​Measures 38" x 10"


Bright Rose 2.jpg
PeoTul Front.jpg

whimsical and airy #1054

Whimsical and airy faux floral arrangement.  If you love the woodsy, outdoor, free feeling of an arrangement rather then a structured design, this arangement is for you!  Showcasing the delicate yet dramatic petals of our white real touch Hydrangea stems, this super-sized faux floral arrangement is truly spectacular.  Fronds of Asparagus Fern add depth and texture while contrasting with dainty Orchids and Queens Lace, bringing endless detail and interest.  Supplied in a recycled glass vase with river rocks soaking in illusive water.  Slight variances may occur as each arrangement is handmade.   

Measures 38" x 10"


incredible detail 


Incredible detailing on every fine real touch petal of luxurious beauty.  This vibrant and colorful bouquet is definitely a conversation piece.  Lush real touch Roses, Tulips and Phalaenopsis Orchids situated among Protea bud stems and Heather Bush.  Situated in a recyled glass vase with illusive water.  The lush texture, look and feel of this bouquet will say it all and last a lifetime.   The bouquet being three sided is best suited against a wall or in a corner.  Slight variances may occur as each arrangement is handmade.

Measures 38" x 10"


hand picked rose


A fresh hand picked bunch of real touch large Orlane multi toned pink and cream roses.  The detail is so realistic that everyone is going to want to touch.  Then they'll go for the smell to make sure their real.  Open white and soft pink petals set in a clear re-cycled glass vase in illusive water just adds to the realistic look.  Slight variances may occur as each arrangement is hand made. 

​Measures 34" x 10"


RT Rose 1.jpg
Tul Lily 2.jpg

crisp whites


This gorgeous crsip white real touch Casa Blanc Lily, Tulip and Gardenia arrangement is sure to make a statement.  Whites and greens match any décor.  Arranged in a moss coated clear re-cycled glass vase.  Low maintenance and in bloom all year, this beauty will not disappoint.  Slight variances may ocurr as this arrangement is handmade.    

​Measures 38" x 10”



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